3 Business Communication Tools Kerauno can Replace

What do a desk phone, fax machine and collaboration software all have in common?

The Kerauno communications workflow platform can replace all of them.

Desk Phone

No one likes to be tied down to a desk waiting for a call. Kerauno’s call routing allows employees to make and receive calls on their cell phones when not in the office and it maintains your corporate identity.

Fax Machines

Now there’s no need to leave your workstation to fax a document or receive one. Simply, upload the file to Kerauno, enter or choose the fax number, and click “send.” Faxes you receive are sent directly to Kerauno or your email. Seriously, it’s really that easy. Additional bonus: you won’t have to listen to the high-pitched dial tone ever again.

Team Collaboration Software

Whether your team is across the office or across the ocean, Kerauno is the perfect solution for teams that collaborate regularly. It’s connected platform offers chat (private and group messaging), file sharing, workflow efficiencies, conference bridges and more to keep your team communicating, completing projects and hitting important deadlines.