3 Reasons to Upgrade your Business Communications Software

A recent survey by Tech Pro Research found that two-thirds of corporate IT decision makers are increasing their technology budgets in 2018, with a majority investing in cybersecurity, hardware, cloud services and software upgrades.

Why keep a system that hasn’t changed in 10 years? Maybe it’s time to consider a platform that continually adds functionality as technology evolves.

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons you might want that upgrade now.

Workplace Efficiency

Outdated technology can throw a wrench in even the most refined processes. Communication software is capable of automating processes with integrated workflow forms. Not only do these workflows free up time, allowing employees to focus on more tasks related to business goals, but also gives them real-time analytics to understand what needs to change in the workflow to improve customer engagement.

Workplace Growth

On a hiring spree? Relocating to a new office? Business expanding nationally? These are all valid reasons to take a good look at the technology your organization is using. Team collaboration solutions that include chat functionality, file sharing, real time notifications, and group and private messaging are simple ways to keep employees connected and on task during this period of growth.

Need for Mobile Collaboration

When email first came on the scene, it revolutionized workplace collaboration. Then came conference calls, instant messaging, file sharing and so on. With telecommuters on the rise, collaborating while on the go is a must. Cloud-based communication platforms allow employees to take their “office” anywhere without the fear of losing important analytics, conversations or documents.