Building an Effective IVR with Kerauno UCaaS in Under 35 Seconds

Listen in as Senior Solutions Architect, Chris Mahan, sits down with Director of Communications, Jeremy Brilliant, and walks viewers through how to quickly and effectively build out an IVR with Kerauno UCaaS.

Kerauno UCaaS is redefining the Unified experience by delivering a more complete suite of leading cloud-based communication and collaboration services, all fully integrated to deliver a powerfully intuitive experience.

Included in this suite of solutions is Kerauno’s incredibly intuitive drag and drop interface, which allows users to easily view, transfer or direct calls through the buildout of a unique IVR.

What is an IVR?

An IVR is an automated way to route call traffic and SMS traffic into specific groups based on certain pre-set criteria.

In less than 35 seconds, through the use of Kerauno’s drag and drop interface, Kerauno UCaaS users can create a unique IVR that will take a caller from the first touch point in the system all the way through to the point where they can interact with a contact center agent. This entire process can be completed without any technical knowledge of the platform.