Business Processes to Automate in the New Year

Another new year is here and you know what that means.


If your resolution was to get your business up to speed, increase efficiency and revenue, then here are three workflows you can automate to help you keep your business resolution this year.

Appointment reminders

People tend to be glued to their mobile phones, so instead of physical appointment cards why not send a text to clients about upcoming engagements?

Kerauno seamlessly integrates into any scheduling system, and can automate text messages reminding clients of their upcoming appointment and allow them to confirm.

Logging billable hours

Consulting firms, legal offices and any business that need to keep track of the time spent on client work can benefit from Kerauno.

When a client calls or when a conference call is initiated, Kerauno begins recording the session and once the call has ended, the time spent speaking with the client is automatically saved in the workflow communications platform and also sent to your company’s project management system to track billable hours spent on each project.

Payment collection

Personally calling clients let them know their bill is overdue takes time, time that could be spent working on other projects.

When an overdue payment is flagged in your billing system, it alerts Kerauno to initiate an automated phone call to the client, providing them with options to pay by phone or speak to a representative.