From the Ballpark to the Racetrack, Communicate with Fans in Real-time

Sports fans have a strong emotional connection to their favorite team or star athlete. This connection can lead to a life-long relationship with a specific franchise. But for teams, failing to actively communicate with their most loyal fans can result in complacency and can quickly cause teams to forget the value of engaging with fans on a consistent basis. Now, most fans won’t switch their allegiance. But relying on a fan’s devotion to their team instead of creating opportunities for meaningful interactions can result in a team losing opportunities for repeat business and growth.

This is why engaging with fans before, during and after game day can go a long way to earning repeat customers. And the best fan engagement begins long before game day, as meaningful fan interaction at the stadium or ballpark means connecting with fans even before they walk inside the venue.

Want your fans to know about a special promotion happening during today’s game?

What if inclement weather is possible and fans need to know about potential delays?

Even when the game is over, fan engagement continues. Now the team has valuable data showing who the fan is, their preferred food and drink, which souvenir they bought and most importantly, how fans can be enticed to return to the next big game.

Today, nearly every fan in the stadium has a digital device. This connection to our devices has created new opportunities for sports franchises, as they can now interact with fans to learn purchasing preferences and buying patterns. Understanding these behaviors can generate repeat business, as teams can use this valuable data to target their marketing outreach.

Being able to engage fans in this manner serves to enhance the overall fan experience and enables teams to engage with fans before, during and after the game or event. All of this communication is available within the Kerauno suite of communications tools.

Kerauno allows for mass text messages to fans or participants, providing:

  • Discount codes and e-ticketing
  • Concession suggestions via text message
  • Automated messaging from star players
  • Weather and other important updates in real-time

Using Kerauno, teams can send messages to fans with information or links to concession or product discounts and instantly update fans or participants with information about special events, security concerns or weather issues. Utilizing Kerauno’s mobile-first platform, a fan can receive updates on any device, any time and from anywhere.