Delivering Deeper Fan Engagements for the Indianapolis Colts

Hear from Director of Communications Jeremy Brilliant and Principal Software Engineer John Harden to learn how the Indianapolis Colts will utilize Kerauno Launch to deliver deeper fan engagements through the power of text-based, real-time, two-way communication.

The power of text delivers performance through its directness, simplicity and personal connection. Using the Kerauno Launch text engagement platform, sports teams can deliver deeper engagements and directly connect with fans.

Beginning July 25th at Training Camp, the Colts will use Kerauno Launch to drive deeper fan engagement by relaying camp news, event info, and updates on upcoming promotions to training camp attendees. To receive real-time training camp updates, simply text “ColtsCamp” to “55433” and camp information, upcoming events, and fan promotions will be sent directly to your phone.