3 Ways Digital Transformation will Eliminate Workflow Inefficiencies

Every day, you deal in workflows.

No matter your business, whether you’re working in logistics for an international racing team or running communications and marketing for a school district, these workflows move your day-to-day tasks down a pipeline and to the finish point while maximizing valuable resources, such as your time and money.

When working properly, these workflows increase productivity while boosting your company’s bottom line.

But what happens when there is an unexpected hole in your workflow?

What do you do when those workflows you’ve built to increase efficiency turn out to be not so efficient?

As we move further and further into a digital-focused world, those concerns are quickly becoming reality. Your existing communications workflow can easily become outdated, resulting in unforeseen holes in your system that can lead to wasted hours and lost profits. Digital transformation, the idea that companies need to integrate emerging digital tools into existing business practices, is altering how companies function and communicate with customers as well as their internal teams. With this change comes a requirement for organizations to repetitively pivot to better their businesses and set themselves up for future success.

How can digital transformation improve your communications workflow?

1) Don’t become attached to your processes

To boost the bottom line, businesses need their processes to perform efficiently at each and every stage. But a failure or alteration in an existing process can quickly lead to trouble, especially when your processes become outdated. This is why your company needs to always look toward the future and understand how current processes can integrate with emerging digital tools that will lead to continued success. Don’t use processes simply because they are already in place. Complacency can easily lead to negative outcomes for your business.

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2) Know where workflow inefficiencies could arise

The digital world changes on a daily basis. While these changes could better your business, they could also create unexpected issues for your existing communications workflow. Due to this, it’s more important than ever to keep your company ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging digital tools. By understanding what new digital tools could do to your workflows, you make it easier to pivot and adapt when those new tools inevitably come to light. Doing this eliminates headaches as well as losses in productivity and profits.

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3) Understand the needs of your customer

Adoption of new processes by your customers is key to ongoing success for your business. But before you develop any new processes, you first have to understand the needs of your customers so you can build a workflow that best works for them. Communicate openly and honestly with your customer base to truly understand what aspects of your workflows work for them and what areas need improvement. By getting feedback, you can build a process that better serves your customers. In doing so, you boost brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, which ultimately leads to a better bottom line.

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