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At schools, Kerauno helps by increasing instant communication between parents, teachers, administrators and, in times of crisis, law enforcement through communication that is secure, recorded and archived in the event that verification is necessary.


  • Integrate physical security, door locks and video cameras

  • Provide secure and archived communication

  • Send mass text messages, make PA announcements and view video surveillance from any device, anywhere at any time.

  • Integrate proprietary software and phone into a single platform


This allows administrators to easily communicate with teachers and teachers with each other. It also enables teachers to communicate with students in a safe way, since all messages are archived and available for administrators to view.


Calls can easily be routed to the correct person. Recorded messages can be changed in an instant, indicating a closure due to inclement weather or another event.


Administrators can easily communicate with teachers, students and parents from any device, anywhere at any time. Need to cancel classes due to a snowstorm? Send a mass text, email or phone call. Need to communicate a security breach? Again, communication is fast and easy from any mobile device.