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Kerauno bridges the communication gap that often exists between patients and providers as well as providers themselves by connecting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices in order to advance patient care and increase healthcare facility efficiency.  


  • Streamline patient admittance and discharge

  • Improve the quality and consistency of information

  • Shorten accounts receivable cycles

  • Enhance communication with patients

  • Improve patient outcomes


Much more than a phone system, Kerauno utilizes Single inScreen Solution© (SiSS) which allows users to access all functions, including industry-specific software, CRM and phone in a single computer monitor. Kerauno QuickLearn©  which, since the platform is so intuitive, allows for lightning-fast training and onboarding of new employees. And Kerauno RealMobile©, which allows users to access the same interface on any mobile device as they would on their desktop.


Healthcare workers could easily communicate on a single platform in real time. This enables working groups to easily collaborate both on a desktop and any mobile device.  


Easily contact patients for follow-up appointments or to set up payment plans. All communication is secure and HIPAA compliant.


Healthcare workers are connected in real time no matter where they might be in a facility. With Kerauno RealMobile©, the interface is the same on a mobile device as on a desktop.


Automate calls, emails or text messages to patients. Automate the ordering of supplies based on real-time analytics.