Indianapolis Colts & Kerauno Launch: Taking Fans Inside the Huddle

Hear from Director of Communications Jeremy Brilliant and Roger VanDerSnick from the Indianapolis Colts to learn how the Colts will utilize Kerauno Launch to deliver deeper fan engagements through the power of text-based, real-time, two-way communication.

Today, fans want more than just to observe. They want to connect with fellow fans, players and your brand on a greater level, all from their smartphones. Previously, this wasn’t possible until mass texting came along. Now, you can easily launch engaging mass text campaigns from your smartphone or computer in a matter of minutes.

This season, the Indianapolis Colts are taking advantage of this to deliver deeper fan engagements throughout training camp. Using Kerauno’s text engagement platform, Kerauno Launch, the Colts are relying on the power of text-based, real-time, two-way communication to relay camp news, event info, and updates on upcoming promotions to training camp attendees.