Indianapolis Colts Score Big with Kerauno Launch

Indianapolis Colts Score Big with Kerauno Launch


Super-charged, engaged fans are the lifeblood of any professional sports franchise.   The Indianapolis Colts were looking for a new, innovative way to better connect with fans during their training camp and beyond. They found it with the Kerauno Launch mass text engagement platform.   The real-time, two-way technology allowed them to not only reach fans instantly on their cell phones; they were also able to create automated campaigns to various segments, provide value share through dynamic content, and enable fans to reply and have real-time conversations.  

Kerauno Launch delivered wins during their month-long training camp to deepen fan engagement and improve the overall experience.


  • Drive greater attendance
  • Deepen fan engagement
  • Improve overall experience
  • Increase merchandise sales


The team already had a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy, but had gaps when it came to effectively reaching fans more directly.

“The Kerauno Launch text messaging tool is new for us. It provides a level of urgency and intimacy that we’ve never before had.”

Roger Vandersnick
Colts Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Kerauno Launch was seamlessly integrated into the Colt’s ticketing system; when a fan’s ticket was scanned at the entrance of training camp, their cell number was automatically added to a list of attendees. They also promoted opt-in messages throughout the camp with a short code and unique keyword to involve the other fans who weren’t the primary ticket purchaser. The Colts were easily able to set up various fan segments and create automated message flows for each group.

Using text as a marketing tool enabled them to deliver greater message relevancy, as well as to achieve their goals more effectively.

“We were able to reach our broad fan audience while still being able to personalize their experience. The platform made it possible to automate this approach for each day of our month-long training camp. We now have a way to do this in real-time, efficiently and quickly, and reach them where they are; on their mobile devices with a medium they are already fluent in.”

Stephanie Pemberton
Colts Vice President of Marketing

In addition to basic SMS text-based messaging, the Colts were also able to deliver more dynamic messages with MMS. They delivered a range of images and videos, giving fans unique content and greater value. Some of the interactions included visual maps of the training camp, videos from their mascot, Blue, promotional offers and even polling and voting.

“If you look at the continuum,” explained VanDerSnick, “it started with email, and then transitioned into social. Now, it’s transitioning into text messages to provide that real-time, immediate opportunity to have an interaction and to deepen the bonds that we have with our fans, and the text messaging system is perfect for that.”

Beyond the automated campaigns, the Colts now have a medium in which real-time, two-way interactions are possible at scale. Hundreds of fans sent positive responses, as well as a few who identified logistical challenges. Likewise, the Colts responded to these fan messages in real-time to address any problems and improve the experience.

Fan reaction to text engagement was overwhelmingly positive:

  • “It’s right to you, and you have the information right there.”
  • “I don’t like to download an app and register and all that stuff. So just sending a text message, that’s pretty cool, I like that.”
  • “It’s just easier. I like things quick and fast, so it’s helpful.”


Kerauno Launch scored in a big way!

The Colts successfully achieved their objectives and will soon be expanding on the initiative in their stadium, and at future events.

  • 20% increase in attendance vs. prior year
  • Conversed with over 14,00 fans
  • Drove over 50,000 engagements
  • Only 2% opt-out
  • Positive fan response with over 500 unsolicited feedback messages
  • Continued use beyond camp, into the regular season