Keep Apartment Residents Happy Through Immediate Communication

Residents at apartment communities expect and deserve exceptional customer service. Whether it’s a community of 25 or 2,500, an apartment community serves as a home. When at home, everyone should have a stress-free living experience.

Texting alleviates customer issues by offering convenience and helping members of the apartment staff communicate in real time with residents. This immediate, streamlined communication provides much-deserved peace of mind to residents and removes the worry that occurs when an issue arises.

In the world we live in today, this instant communication is of the utmost importance.

Throughout the world, more than 15 million texts are sent every 60 seconds and more than 89 percent of smartphone users always have their devices within arm’s reach. For businesses to succeed, they must be able to meet both current and potential customers where they are. Today, that means meeting people on their smartphones.

Learn why immediate communication with residents is so important

Whether it’s a faucet leaking in a bathroom, an out-of-service elevator, or a broken hallway light, with Kerauno a resident can simply send a text explaining the issue. Maintenance requests arrive via text message and staff can easily text back a date and time for repairs.

In addition to maintenance requests, office staff can quickly provide updates about community gatherings and other important notices can easily be relayed to residents, keeping them up-to-date with the most accurate information. This real-time communication helps maintain a high level of resident satisfaction while enabling the staff to work more efficiently and effectively.