5 Ways Kerauno Empowers School Safety

Safety in our schools is a top priority. Unfortunately, there have been far too many school tragedies in the last two decades, but Kerauno is determined to do our part to provide a safe, secure and positive learning environment for all students, teachers, staff members and others.

Kerauno ensures your school corporation is prepared for any safety situation with effective, integrated security and communication systems. Here are five ways Kerauno can help your school maintain a safe environment during an emergency.

1. Automated Locks to Immediately Secure the Area

Kerauno software seamlessly integrates with physical security systems, which allows a designated school official to immediately lock down a school building in the event of an emergency. Kerauno can tie directly to magnetic locks, so you can lock doors with just one click on the Kerauno interface. With the proper complementary security systems in place, Kerauno can even control specific zones of your school, providing a completely customizable security solution. The integration of automated locks eliminates the possibility that any door remains unlocked or the necessity for teachers and administrators to manually lock each door in the building. Timeliness in school safety situations is critical. With Kerauno you can immediately secure a school building in the event of an emergency lockdown from any device, anytime, anywhere.

2. Quick, Effective Mass Communication

Effective communication in an emergency situation is essential to maintaining a secure environment and quickly delivering information to appropriate parties. But when a crisis hits, it’s easy for communication with outside sources to fall through the cracks. That’s where Kerauno provides an invaluable service through a series of automated functionalities. Kerauno automates communication with families, law enforcement, and others in a matter of seconds with just one command. Again, this can be done through any device, including a smartphone.

The communication platform integrates all of your school’s communication points to deliver consistent, seamless communication at a moment’s notice. In the event of an emergency, a school official can send a pre-scripted, automated message to notify parents and families via SMS, email, voice, chat and social media. This allows your school to inform and regularly update parents about any situation. Rather than hearing about the event on the news or through disparate communication sources, with Kerauno a parent receives an automated update directly from the school in real time as the emergency situation occurs. Kerauno can also assist communication with law enforcement by maintaining contact with authorities and providing notification about 911 dials by the school.

3. Safe Student Pick-up

In the event of an emergency, a parent’s first instinct is to rush to school to pick up their child. This creates an unsafe environment that is impossible for law enforcement to control. The Kerauno system provides parents with updates as the situation progresses. Now a parent knows if the school is locked down or if it’s safe to come to pick up their child and where to make that pick up, preventing school parking lot chaos.

4. Emergency Communication Support

Kerauno doesn’t stop there. The system provides additional services to support your school’s lines of communication during a security incident. You can convert an automated attendant greeting on your primary phone line to an emergency notification message with just one click. Kerauno can also provide emergency trunking (temporary additional phone line capacity) to handle a flood of inbound calls. The most important aspect of Kerauno is that you can enable any and all safety and communication features from any device, anytime, anywhere.

5. Post Incident Insights

After the emergency situation is resolved, Kerauno provides robust analytics about the state of your communication process. Kerauno’s reporting system provides insights into the successes and pain points of your communication flows and empowers your school to adjust any processes to deliver continuously improved performance.

How does it work?

Some initial technology and infrastructure capabilities are required in order to comprehensively implement Kerauno safety systems across a school corporation. Kerauno works with a security firm to provide both seamless integration of Kerauno with your current systems and continuous technical support.

Tragedy should never occur in the places where our children go to learn and grow. Kerauno prepares your school to react fast and maintain a safe environment in the event of an emergency.

Learn more about how Kerauno can assist your school in an emergency situation and with your school corporation’s day-to-day communication here: kerauno.io