Improving School Safety Via Texting

At schools, Kerauno helps by increasing instant communication. For Evansville-area high schools, notifying parents, teachers, administrators and, in times of crisis, law enforcement of suspicious behavior and potentially threatening situations will be as convenient as sending a text.

America continues to have a growing dependency on smartphones and texting, as nearly 97 percent of Americans send a text at least once every day. The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation will aim to take advantage of this dependency to create an added layer of security for its students.

“We’re always in the EVSC looking for ways to enhance our security and safety for all of our students, staff and the visitors to our buildings and facilities. We thought this was something we didn’t have – kind of a missing piece – that we want to complement our security system.”

Jason Woebkenberg, EVC Spokesman

Kerauno allows administrators to easily communicate with teachers and teachers with each other. It also enables teachers to communicate with students in a safe way, since all messages are archived and available for administrators to view. Using Kerauno, students and visitors at EVSC high schools will have access to an anonymous text reporting service designed to allow people to send a text when they hear or see suspicious behavior or a potentially troubling situation, such as concerning language, threats, or instances of bullying. Each school will have a unique number visible on signs that are posted around the high schools, inside school gyms, and in outdoor stadiums.

The text is automatically routed to an appropriate person who will be able to respond to the situation. The sender will also receive an auto response alerting them that their message was received and someone will soon be investigating their claim.

Using Kerauno, administrators can easily communicate with teachers, students and parents from any device, anywhere at any time, enhancing security and making schools a safe environment for students.