Kerauno Revolutionizes Fan Engagement

Kerauno revolutionizes experiences for fans of sports, theater, music events and more, and provides invaluable insights to any venue, team or artist. It’s a win-win!

Convenient interactions are increasingly expected from customers, including fans. With the Kerauno platform, everything from purchasing the ticket to skipping the concessions line to planning the next stadium, ballpark, theater or music venue visit is a part of one seamless communication experience. Kerauno uses text communication to make the fan’s communication process faster, more personalized and more convenient. The fan conversation begins even before the day of the event with text messages about concession specials and merchandise deals. Details about parking, directions, and venue policies are communicated quickly and effectively to fans via text communication, avoiding confusion and chaos upon arrival at the venue. Then inside the venue, Kerauno helps fans avoid long lines, navigate the venue, and stay engaged with updates throughout the event. Again, all of this is done with text communication—no need for the customer to download an app.

Customer satisfaction is only one benefit of using Kerauno. For the vendor or team, the Kerauno platform also drives revenue. Engagements throughout the event, for example a text suggesting another snack or beverage during the 7th inning of a baseball game, increase sales. A better experience increases fan loyalty and may even move a fan to recommend the experience to a friend. Even when the event is over, the benefits of Kerauno continue. Now the team, artist or venue has valuable data showing who the fan is, their preferred food and drink, which souvenir they bought and importantly, how they can be enticed before the next big event.