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Can all phone numbers be enabled for SMS? Does Kerauno have to own those voice numbers?

The vast majority of phone numbers can be SMS enabled. Depending on the carrier, there may be some additional steps required for the customer to work with their carrier to "release" the SMS capabilities of a number. A small percentage of numbers may not be portable.

Will voicemail transcription only work if it is forwarded to email?

The VM transcription function requires VM to Email to be enabled in order for the functionality to appear both in the UI as well as in Email.

If a customer replies with STOP, can there be a report generated to see the numbers that have
opted out of text messaging?

Currently there is no report for Opt-Out.

Is Voicemail Transcription available on generic VMs?

Transcription for Generic VM is not currently available in 3.1. However, this has been identified as an initiative for our next release.

Is there a Spanish option in SMS?

Spanish character sets are supported, so there should be no issue messaging inbound/outbound Spanish text/characters.