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In today’s “always-on” world, law firms and legal service organizations rely on technology to maintain communication channels 24x7x365.  Kerauno's suite of products and services help your firm optimize workflows, increase uptime and reduce cost. 

  • 3rd-party software integration

  • Automatically log billable time

  • Record and archive meetings and calls

  • Maintain corporate identity wherever you are


Organize team communication into channels based on a particular client, project, office or department.  Share files including images, PDFs, spreadsheets and video with colleagues using quick and easy drag and drop. Private channels related to clients, departments and projects can be joined by invitation only.


Deliver effective communication using screen pops and launch workflows to begin gathering valuable data. Through automated time tracking, even small firms will never have to track time again.


Maintain your corporate identity by using the Bolt Softphone to make calls so your desk phone and your mobile phone work as one.


By automating repetitive tasks, lawyers and legal staff are freed from the pain of the mundane.  So they can devote their time and focus to the intellectual and substantive aspects of practicing the law.


Gain the ability to record conversations when needed with client approval.  Conversations can be emailed and shared within Kerauno.