Navigating the Retail Experience and Earning Repeat Customers

Equipping customers with up-to-date and accurate information is critical for increased sales and business success. Providing this consistent level of communication not only supports the company’s bottom line, but doing so also has the additional benefit of building brand trust and goodwill amongst your most loyal customers.  

Let’s say someone prefers to purchase a certain brand of wine or beer. A text message can be sent to these potential customers, informing them about upcoming specials featuring their preferred brand. And if a shop is planning a special event, a text can be sent to a select set of customers complete with a custom link containing a discount code.

Listen to Kerauno CEO Josh Ross discuss the retail experience

By understanding customers’ purchase behaviors, sharing alerts about upcoming events, and providing updates about discounts and new specials, businesses can keep their customers coming back over and over again.

This level of service is possible with Kerauno. The platform helps engage customers while providing businesses with the vital analytics needed to improve the customer journey, enabling retail outlets to easily and automatically engage with customers.

With Kerauno’s Chat+, employee groups can easily stay in touch while at the office or on the go. Using Chat+, employees in different locations or stores can communicate in real-time, staying up-to-date with the most accurate information. This all done within the Chat+ platform and no additional apps are needed, providing individuals with a much-needed level of convenience.