Optimizing Communication for Law Offices and Legal Service Providers

No industry is immune to change. As society moves further and further into the digital world, law offices and legal service providers need to be able to take advantage of emerging technologies to better serve their clients.

In today’s “always-on” world, law firms and legal service providers must integrate technology into their daily processes to better their businesses. Law offices are now being impacted by digital transformation, as firms begin to rely on technology to help them overcome obstacles that hinder efficiency. Everything from how law offices communicate with their clients to how they tackle their daily processes to how they collaborate with colleagues is now being impacted by technology. By embracing technology and adapting to change, lawyers and legal service providers can not only provide a better experience for their clients, but they can also boost productivity and efficiency that will eventually lead to a better bottom line.

Kerauno’s suite of products and services help law firms optimize their workflows, increase uptime and reduce cost. By using Kerauno to integrate 3rd-party software, easily log billable time, record calls and meetings, and maintain corporate identity while on the go, law firms and legal service providers can see a significant increase in productivity.

Using Kerauno’s Chat+, law offices can organize team communication into specific channels based on a particular client, project, office or department. Within these unique channels, staff can share files including images, PDFs, spreadsheets, and video with their colleagues. Private channels can also be created that are invitation only, securing the privacy of the client.

And through the automation of repetitive tasks, such as sending non-disclosure agreements, lawyers and legal staff are freed from the pain of the mundane and can instead devote their time and energy to the intellectual and substantive aspects of practicing law.