Preparing for a Mobile Work Environment

Mobile work environments offer flexibility necessary in today’s busy and unpredictable world. Meetings could pop up, the kids’ school could cancel or the water heater could break mid-shower and now you’re at home waiting for the repairman.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your employees could stay connected to the office, even when they can’t physically be there?

Kerauno makes it possible to work anywhere.

Before implementing or updating your work from home policy, check to see if your current communications platform is capable of handling the demands of your business. Many organizations are now investing in cloud-based communication solutions for a number of reasons, one being that they are easily accessible from multiple locations. Using a secure Internet connection, employees can log into the Kerauno platform any time, anywhere, on any device and still access their workflows and collaboration channels, collect data and more.

For example, with any marketing campaign you will never have to worry whether or not a sales representative is at their desk to receive a call from a potential customer. When the campaign’s toll-free number is called, a potential customer would hear options within the Kerauno’s IVR and be routed to a sales representative based on their selection.

The sales representative is then shown a pre-built workflow form on their mobile phone, tablet or computer that is populated with any existing information from data tags associated with the campaign’s phone number, such as customer’s name, product information and so on. The workflow form could also include a talking script for the representative in addition to data fields to fill with missing information. When the call is completed, all of the data collected is housed on the Kerauno server and can be accessed through Kerauno’s robust reporting tools. Additionally, if connected to the CRM, the data can be exported into the CRM as well.

With any other system, it would be nearly impossible to stay this connected to the office without sacrificing functionality, flexibility or corporate identity. For those who are constantly traveling for work Kerauno’s softphone Bolt also makes it possible to collaborate on the go, without the fear of disrupting business, missing out on leads, losing valuable data or an employee using their personal mobile phones for communication with clients. Bolt also has complete collaboration functionality with voice, video and private and company-wide integrated chat channels so your employees will never miss a beat.