Keep Customers Informed Through Secure and Reliable Communication

Financial institutions need secure, concise and reliable communication to keep customers apprised of account information and new product offerings. In today’s mobile-focused world, this communication has to be achieved while maintaining ease of use for the customer. Failing to provide a convenient user experience could easily alienate your customer base and drive them to a competitor.

This is why investing in mobile is critical.

Due to our ever-growing reliance on mobile – 82 percent of Millennials say it’s beneficial for banks to offer mobile banking and 27 percent of Millennials are completely reliant on a mobile banking app – banks and financial institutions must make messaging convenient and enable branches to communicate in real time with customers. Having this capability sets companies up for both short term and long term success, as mobile-first banking will become the norm in the years to come. This means investing in mobile today will pay dividends in the future by attracting new customers and driving revenue to the bottom line.

Kerauno’s suite of collaboration and communication tools aids companies by providing a mobile-first solution.

If an institution needs to communicate with staff or customers, messages can be automatically and securely texted or emailed within the Kerauno platform, providing customers with a positive experience and enabling staff to be able to complete their tasks more efficiently. On a single computer monitor, companies can integrate industry-specific software, an operating system, and even telephone controls into one screen. Now, tellers can conveniently communicate throughout the network of banks as there is no longer a need to toggle between monitors or programs. Having this communication system in place helps agents be more productive and effective with their time.

All through the Kerauno platform, tellers and other employees can instantaneously send messages and communicate with each other any time on any device. Additionally, time spent on emails and phone calls is dramatically reduced, incoming calls can quickly be directed to the appropriate staff member, and customers can be made aware of new product offerings, office closures, holiday hours, and company news.

Kerauno optimizes communication to help businesses work more efficiently.