Streamlining Automation to Improve Manufacturing

Manufacturing is currently in a state of drastic change.

In just the past 20 years, emerging technologies have worked to transform the look of today’s manufacturing plants. Along with these ongoing changes, business owners have come to understand how manual processes can lead to a variety of issues that cause inefficient work and numerous frustrations. Due to this, business owners within the manufacturing sector are relying on automation to provide a number of benefits, including improved consistency and precision, lower expenses, and a safer work environment. Through the use of automation, businesses can eliminate holes in their workflows which will lead to more efficient communication between workers as well as fewer errors and increased employee engagement.

Automation isn’t going away. In fact, as new technologies come to light, the use of automation will only increase. And as automation increases in the coming years, businesses will need to integrate new digital tools into their workflows to remain competitive.

Kerauno allows for automation that results in increased efficiencies, stronger security, and reduced workload. Implementation of Kerauno can add great value to a company and can ease many of the problems caused by the use of an outdated manual process, providing businesses with the efficiency needed to streamline their entire workflow.

Let’s use the process of building a bicycle as an example. Kerauno automates the process by automatically notifying a foreman with a text message that a shipment of parts has arrived. Then, if additional workers are needed in a specific area of the plant, text messages can be sent directly to those impacted. Streamlining operations in this manner leads to improved communication at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Kerauno is quick and concise. The Chat+ tool can be used without having to download a 3rd-party application, enabling employees to request their own resources in real-time while ensuring that these requests are secure in private channels when necessary. Employees are also able to modify workflows in the field while on the go and can provide real-time adjustments to even the most complex workflows.

In addition to Chat+, Kerauno’s Contact Center helps business owners streamline communication with automated screen pops, providing time-sensitive and critical communication with every incoming call.