The Value of Automation in Today’s Business World

When people hear the term automation in today’s world, thoughts immediately venture to emerging technologies and new tools that are driving the world into a digital age. But really, the concept of automation isn’t a new one.

The term “automation” was originally used by Delmer S. Harder, Vice President of the Ford Motor Company, nearly 70 years ago to describe how various parts on Ford’s assembly line moved from one machine to the next. But instances of automation date back much earlier, from the boom in the automotive industry in the 1930s to the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s all the way back to 11th century with the rise of mining.

No matter the time period and no matter the process that was being automated, the same goals were there. Automation was designed to improve consistency and reliability, maximize resources such as time and money, and place an increased focus on the quality of a specific product.

In the digital world today, the same goals remain.

Automation is designed to improve processes that will increase the speed of business, maintain greater levels of consistency, and boost efficiency within the workplace. But today, automation is no longer just about taking advantage of emerging technologies. Today, automation is a key function of business that needs to be integrated into a company’s workflows. This is done to increase customer engagement, optimize internal and external communication, and lead to increased profits and a stronger bottom line.

Without proper automation, growing a business can be difficult. But failing to automate your processes can easily leave a business behind the times and behind in the business world.

Kerauno enhances quality, improves reliability and saves time and money by optimizing communication at every level of a business. The platform powerfully connects people to processes and leads to fewer inefficiencies in a company’s daily workflows.

Kerauno has several tools which can be leveraged to automate communication, including SMS Texting, Chat+, and a Multi-Media Contact Center. But one of the most powerful aspects of Kerauno’s workflow tool is the method in which it enables integration with any 3rd-party software platform, such as Salesforce and other CRM, LMS and billing systems.

Through this integration, Kerauno helps businesses automate their processes, eliminate inefficiencies and ultimately grow revenue.