Tips for Improving the Contact Center Experience

Online retail websites might be mind readers when it comes to consumer shopping patterns, but their algorithms are no match for customer relations, especially when most consumers still expect a live agent to handle their questions.

Go above and beyond their expectations by implementing these three tips.

Humanize The Experience

Salesforce reports that 69 percent of customers believe their experience improves when agents don’t sound scripted. Customers want a human at the other end of the conversation, not a robot. Using screen pops that detail a customer’s information allow agents to personalize the conversation rather than sound mechanical. And if the customer needs to be transferred to a different agent, remember to add notes from the conversation so that they don’t have to keep repeating themselves.

Implement Web Chat

More and more consumers prefer using live web chat for a number of reasons, including 24/7 access, faster resolution times and the ability to multitask while communicating to agents. Just take a look at the supporting data from Business To Community:

  • 79% of customers prefer live web chat because they receive answers faster.

  • 44% of customers said that having a live chat specialist available during an online purchase was one of the most important features a company can offer.

  • 42% of customers prefer live web chat because they don’t have to wait on hold.

  • 77% of customers won’t make a purchase if live web chat is not available.

The numbers don’t lie. If your organization hasn’t implemented live web chat in its contact center yet, what’s holding you back?

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customer retention is earned through customer satisfaction. Shopping patterns and frequency can help determine if a customer is happy enough with your service, but it doesn’t uncover what can be done to continue improving their experience. One of the best ways to measure customer satisfaction is to ask the customer for feedback.

After speaking to a customer, automate a survey asking about their recent experience. Keep the questions focused and allow for open-ended responses to really understand what customers liked, didn’t like and for any suggestions on how to improve. Use the data collected and make the necessary adjustments to retain customers.