Top 5 Mobile Collaboration Tools

With the Pew Research Center now reporting that 95 percent of Americans own a cellphone – and an impressive 77 percent now own smartphones – the workforce is easier to mobilize. To keep your team on the same page, check out Kerauno’s top five collaboration tools to use.

1. Chat

Email chains can cause confusion when teams are trying to collaborate on projects. Group chat channels keep everyone in the loop without having to backtrack through emails. All messages are archived and easily searchable, perfect for when you need to look back at project specifics.

2. File Share

Instead of digging through the clutter of email promotions, try utilizing a file-sharing system to keep important and time-sensitive documents at your attention. You’ll never have to worry about size limits and your files can be accessed from any device, anywhere and any time.

3. Conference Calling

Sometimes collaboration works best with everyone in the same room, but when face-to-face meetings aren’t a possibility, conference calls are the next best thing. And when your communications system has built-in conference bridges supporting up to 20 callers, there’s no excuse for missing out on important team collaboration sessions.

4. Project Management Integration

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Through third-party platform integrations, such as project management programs, teams can begin to automate a number of their current processes and make multi-departmental collaboration more convenient and efficient.

5. Bolt Softphone

Let’s say you’re waiting in the airport but forgot a hard copy of the report you promised to review by the afternoon. With the Bolt softphone, your office is right at your fingertips and so is that report. Access files, chat, conference calls, reports and analytics, workflow forms, call recordings anywhere and never miss a beat on projects again.

If the thought of finding the right collaboration programs seems daunting to you, Kerauno offers all of these tools and more in its communications workflow platform.