Release 2020.03.1 includes various new features, general improvements, bug fixes, and a new version of Bolt Softphone. Visit your device app store to download the latest Softphone application.

New Features 

Video Meetings

Video Conferencing powered by BlueJeans features collaboration tools delivered through supreme video and audio. The User Panel Video Conferencing tab allows users to quickly join a video meeting.

Contact your Kerauno Account Representative today to get started with Video Meetings. Once added to your account, there is no need to provision accounts for general users. Video Hosts are enabled either via bulk import or one click within User Management.

Note: Users leveraging Zoom can continue to use this integration as they are today.

Read more about Video Meetings.

Ring Group Callback

Kerauno’s Ring Group Callback feature allows callers to receive a call back when an agent becomes available. This feature streamlines call center queues as well as greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Ring Group Callback is enabled through each respective Ring Group. Ring Group Callback metrics are available within the Ring Group Analytics report.

Read more about Ring Group Callback.

General Updates


  • Added certification for the Polycom VVX 450 device.
  • Added the ability to factory reset Yealink phones via SIP Command.


  • Added the ability to send faxes with a width greater than 8.5″.
  • Improvements have been made to handle multiple faxes sent in close proximity to each other chronologically.
  • Fax support is now available for landscape-oriented pages with left to right text.


  • Added access to the Kerauno UI and Chat+ for users with the Business license type.

Number Manager

  • Updated the Number Manager within System Admin > Number Manager to allow numbers with 6-8 digits, 10 digits, and E.164 format, enabling expansion into countries with different dial patterns.


  • Increased the permission set for an Kerauno Installer to automatically access features that were previously manually enabled (e.g., Holiday Lists, Workflow Tools, etc.).


  • Added an Allow Reporting Admins to delete recordings option within System Settings > Advanced Settings > Recordings tab. Select Yes to allow Reporting Admins to delete recordings from In-Call Analytics.


  • Added the Form Name column to the Workflow Form Report web render and PDF export.

Ring Groups

  • Updated setting within Interaction Routing > Call Ring Groups > Ring Strategy tab. The Ring Group Retry slide bar can now be set as low as 2 seconds instead of 5 second increments for all Ring Strategies. The following warnings display when setting Ring Group Retry for 15 seconds or less when Ring All Ring Strategy is utilized:
    • When using Ring All Ring Group Strategy with between 11 and 20 agents, it is recommended to configure the Ring Group Retry setting to be greater than or equal to 10 seconds.
    • When using Ring All Ring Group Strategy with more than 20 agents, it is recommended to configure the Ring Group Retry setting to be greater than or equal to 15 seconds.


  • Added a DID Prefix tab to System Admin > Trunks with a default DID Prefix setting value of +1 (can also be left blank).

Bug Fixes

Call Blacklists

  • Corrected an issue where inbound and outbound labels for Blacklisting were reversed.


  • Fixed an issue where users without Chat+ enabled could not view contact cards in the Kerauno App.


  • Addressed an issue where basic users would see the Reporting module when logging in.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to click their user icon on the top-right of the application to log out.

Generic Faxes

  • Addressed an issue where an item routed to a generic fax failed.


  • Addressed an issue where Ring Group Analytics report wasn’t using ‘Breakout’ calls when calculating average hold time and abandoned calls.
  • Fixed an issue where workflow reports using the ‘Like’ option would not return expected results.


  • Wallboard resiliency has been increased when connection errors occur.

Previous updates

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.11

Maintenance Release 3.1.11 includes general improvements and bug fixes.

WARNING: Performing this upgrade results in a brief interruption of service. Therefore, we recommend upgrading after business hours when call volume is the lowest. Please confirm that all calls have been completed prior to initiating the upgrade.

General Updates

General Improvements to services to ensure real time processes (such as call processing) take priority over secondary processes (such as generating reports).

Conference Rooms

  • The maximum number of callers in a Conference Room has been doubled to allow up to 60 participants.


  • 911 email alerts are now required as part of Kari’s Law in the United States. When a user with Installer level permissions logs in and the configuration is not present, a modal displays requiring 911 email alert configuration. In addition, the 911 email alert configuration field cannot be empty on the Email & System Alerting page.

System Health

  • Removed the option to restart core services on demand from the system health page. If you experience a service issue, please contact Customer Care for assistance.

Bug Fixes


  • Updated Welcome Email logo.


  • Fixed an issue where forwarded voicemails were not showing properly in the UI.


  • When a user is deleted all of their open Chat+ windows close so they cannot log in or retrieve Chat+ history.


  • The Multiple Workflow Forms report now aggregates tag columns.
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled Call Recording reports were not properly delivered.

Bolt (Desktop & App)

  • Update 6.0.2 is now available in both the Google Play Store and App Store. This update addresses an issue regarding maintaining a long-term connection; it also addresses an issue with auto login and passwords affecting incoming calls.
  • Note: Update 3.1.11 is required for the latest Bolt application to function at full capacity.


  • Addressed missing contact card popover data. Contact information now properly displays.


  • Fixed an issue where faxes sent to a generic fax destination failed.

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.09

Maintenance Release 3.1.09 includes device certifications, firmware update, and bug fixes. Interruptions to application or voice services are not expected.

General Updates

Certified Phones

The following Mitel phones are now certified: 6867i, 6873i, and 6869i.

Firmware Update

Upgraded the Polycom Soundpoint IP firmware to the updated stable version ( for supported models:

IP331 IP650
IP335 IP670
IP450 IP5000
IP550 IP6000
IP560 IP7000


Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue where users were removed from the system after updating their profile photo.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a missing log file directory would inhibit the restart of the database from the UI.
  • Resolved an issue where an instance would lose SMS, Call Flow toggles via the UI, and transcription functionality due to a failed cloud services key renewal.  


  • Resolved issue with Android Push notifications on Chat+ mobile app.
  • Addressed issues encountered regarding password changes for UCaaS and Chat+. 
    • When users change their own password, they are correctly logged out of UCaaS and logged out of any Chat+ sessions. 
    • When an admin changes a user’s password, the user is correctly logged out of their Chat+ sessions.  


  • Added a Hold Time column on the Ring Group Summary report.
  • The Agent Answered/Disposition field is now included in CSV or PDF exports for the Ring Group Analytics report.
  • Scheduled Reports now include the option for either PDF or CSV to be routed via email. When both types are desired, run schedule each report separately. 

Bolt (Desktop App)

  • Updated Bolt desktop app in accordance with the MacOS requirement for all apps to be notarized. Users must reinstall the latest version in order for Bolt to operate properly.


  • Fixed an issue where phone numbers saved in Salesforce with a space could not be called using the Kerauno Integration.


  • Additional updates made to DNS and NTP settings to avoid being overwritten during updates.
  • Updated Presence session re-authentication to a maximum of 6 retries.
  • Increased performance capabilities. 

Remote Backup

  • Addressed an issue when running a backup on command was not properly gathering data. 

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.08

Release 3.1.08 includes license updates, new device certifications, and bug fixes. Interruptions to application or voice services are not expected.

General Updates

Licensing: Added a new Business license type for basic phone system functionality. The number of Business users is defined by your Kerauno UC license. Note: This will not affect existing instances.

Certified Phones: The following Yealink phones are now certified: SIP-T54W, SIP-T53P, SIP-T53W, and DECT IP Phone W60P.

Bug Fixes

Interaction Routing: Fixed an issue that was causing Queue Alerting to fail.

Call Recordings: Adjusted recording retention slider; can be set as low as 1. An alert displays when set to less than 3.

Number Manager: Added an additional alert when a user attempts to delete a number that is still in active use.

Presence: Fixed a rare issue where calls placed on Local Hold no longer displayed in the UI.

Premise Customers

Added an ability to add RFC1918 addresses to their firewall.

Addressed an issue where customers were unable to use the Workflow toggle via the UI.

DNS and NTP settings are no longer overwritten during updates.

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.07

Release 3.1.07 includes a primary update to Presence

Presence Update

Presence has been updated to include additional performance benefits to improve user experience.

This update also resolved a rare issue where call center status sync wasn’t working as expected.

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.06

Release 3.1.06 includes new functionality as well as minor updates and bug fixes. Interruptions to application or voice services are not expected.

New Functionality

Added additional support for all non-standard email addresses.
Examples​: .info and .global

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.05

Release 3.1.05 includes new functionality as well as several updates and bug fixes. Interruptions to application or voice services are not expected.

Updated Functionality

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is now available in Remote Backup and Remote Storage areas of the product. This feature provides additional security when handling data transmission to offsite storage.

On Hold

Fixed an issue where the wrap-up timer was not properly setting when a call was taken off of Hold.


Addressed an issue where an incorrect error message displayed when deleting a Voicemail.

Call Recordings

Addressed an issue where users were unable to download their own recordings.

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.04

Release 3.1.04 provides several updates and bug fixes. Interruptions to application or voice services are not expected.


Fixed an issue where not all Chat+ Channels were displayed when choosing one for a Messaging Group.

Addressed an issue where multiple SMS Channels were shown in Chat+ for the same interaction.


Addressed an issue where only one agent was showing as available in report #3 on a single Ring Group.


Fixed an issue where statuses would sometimes revert to Available overnight when Status Sync was enabled.

Addressed a rare issue where Presence statuses could change unexpectedly.


Resolved an issue where voicemail greetings incorrectly generated when reset through the Users & Devices menu.

Caller ID

Fixed an issue where Prepended Caller IDs were inaccurate within overflow Ring Groups.

Extension Groups

Fixed an issue where users were unable to add new Extension group(s) in Presence Management.


Addressed an issue where Ring Group Call Recording Permissions could not be managed properly.

Resolved an issue where certain permissions defaulted to Deny.

Resolved an issue where DNS and NTP settings were overwritten upon updating the system.

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.03

Release 3.1.03 provides several updates and bug fixes. Interruptions to application or voice services are not expected.

Updated Functionality

Upgraded Presence for general fixes and improved stability.

Added additional SIP trunk templates.

Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue where statuses would sometimes revert to Available overnight when Status Sync was enabled.

Fixed a rare issue where duplicate calls were displayed in the My Stream Panel.

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.02

Release 3.1.02 will include general performance improvements, updated functionality, and will address minor bug fixes.

Updated Functionality

Call Recordings



Bug Fixes

Core Services​

System Admin

System Settings


Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1.01

Release 3.1.01 includes a user requested feature along with several bug fixes. Interruptions to application or voice services are not expected.

General Improvements

The Terms of Use (EULA) have been updated with SMS compliance information. Users are prompted to agree to the updated terms upon initial sign in.

New Features

Added Voicemail Transcription to Generic Voicemail Boxes

Bug Fixes


Improved styling on web Chat+.

Addressed an issue where favorited Chat+ Channels and Direct Messages were not properly displayed when switching back from the SMS pane.


Corrected an issue where Departments could be improperly assigned the same call pickup ID.


Fixed a rare issue where SSL certificates were not applied correctly.

Addressed an incorrect error message displayed when sending a stored fax file.


CDR Logs: Resolved an issue when using a filter reflected incorrect values once exported via PDF.

Ring Group Analytics: Addressed an issue where the CDR ID column on Report #9 Ring Group Call Details CSV file export was missing.

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.1

Native SMS text messaging allows end users to collaborate over, route, queue, and escalate text messages from internal personnel and external stakeholders.

Voicemail Transcription can be turned on and used to transcribe voicemail audio into voicemail text. The processed message is then made available in the Kerauno interface and delivered via email to an end user’s inbox.

Workflow action steps and other tools were created that support drag-and-drop SMS text message routing and automated message responses.

Chat+ now includes an SMS pane that is useful for end users who will manage internal, direct instant messages along with external text messages.

Ability to enable DID numbers for SMS text messaging. This functionality allows Kerauno users to receive and respond to those messages using the Kerauno Chat+ interface.

Announcing a new Kerauno for Salesforce Integration and Beta Program. The program will be available for partners and select accounts who wish to evaluate the new Kerauno for Salesforce experience, which will support Salesforce’s Lightning experience.

Chat+ general improvements include restricting the ability to “delete” certain chat channels. Additional aesthetic changes have been made resulting in more consistency across the entire Chat+ user experience.

Workflow general improvements include icon consistency across workflow building and action-step modals, the ability to “Reset Zoom” while viewing the workflow canvas, making improvements to the way action steps are deleted in order to help avoid accidental deletion, and other improvements that support the new native SMS text messaging functionality.

Kerauno is steadily making continuous improvements to its reporting capabilities. In this release we’ve increased the speed of loading reports across the entire system.

Updates will be made available for the iOS and the Android Chat+ Mobile applications. The updates will coincide with the general availability date of March 12, 2019. The updates will include bug fixes and general stability improvements.

The Kerauno Desktop Application for Windows 10 now supports desktop notifications. Users will be able to receive desktop notifications when the Kerauno Desktop Application is out of focus.

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.0.01

Patch 3.0.01 provides substantial performance improvements and includes user-experience enhancements. ​

Kerauno UCaaS Release 3.0

Kerauno 3.0 is packed with upgrades and improvements to make your life easier and more efficient.


Quickly launch meetings via Chat+ and SMS

If you’re using Zoom for Business, you can now easily configure an integration that quickly launches video meetings from within Chat+. Want to have a meeting on the fly? Need to review a proposal with a client? This new feature makes it a breeze.


50% better performance and increased control for admins

No need to use your web browser to launch Kerauno. The desktop app will free up memory and will improve platform performance. Additionally, your team will always have the latest version of Kerauno with no need to refresh web browsers.


Prevent unwanted changes in your valuable workflows

Give your team the ability to view call flows without giving them permission to make changes. This eliminates the possibility of accidental call flow changes while still allowing an administrator to get feedback about call flow design.