Using Kerauno Launch to relay weather alerts, security notifications, and helpful info to Colts fans

Hear from Kerauno Director of Communications, Jeremy Brilliant, and Colts Vice President of Marketing, Stephanie Pemberton, to learn how Kerauno Launch provides immediate, real-time updates when fans need to be notified of inclement weather, schedule changes, security alerts, and more.

The power of text is delivered through its simplicity, directness and ease of use. This season, the Indianapolis Colts are utilizing Kerauno’s text engagement platform, Kerauno Launch, throughout training camp to easily and directly communicate with fans and camp attendees.

From training camp updates to security notifications to alerts about inclement weather, Kerauno Launch is keeping Colts fans and camp attendees informed with the most up-to-date information through the use of real-time, two-way, mass texting capabilities.