Drive Engagement and Revenue with Kerauno

Why Kerauno?

Many companies today are struggling to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. But the biggest and best businesses and brands maintain the deepest engagements, both with their customers and with their employees. Kerauno, a powerful communications workflow platform, enables businesses to communicate with purpose by creating meaningful customer and employee engagement and streamlining business processes in order to drive revenue to the bottom line.

In today’s always-on world, your customers want to engage with you on their own terms. Kerauno can help you manage those customer communications by integrating with and expanding the platforms you already use.

Most companies have multiple communication touch points. Email, social media, website, phone, texting, and chat for example. By integrating Kerauno’s powerful workflow tools, you can automate communication, collect customer data, and generate detailed reports about your interactions. Enhance e-mail campaigns with automated outbound messaging. Generate automated text calls to follow up on social media interactions. Incorporate chat into your website to add a new dimension to your customer engagement. Use text messaging to send reminders, confirm appointments, or just follow up on customer queries.

Kerauno’s powerful workflow tool can help you collect customer data and increase ROI.

Whether your employees work just down the hall from one another or across the globe, Kerauno provides tools that increase collaboration, optimize business processes, and help employees connect anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Chat+ enables the power of collaboration through group texting, file sharing, and private channels. The Bolt softphone helps employees maintain your corporate identity by being able to connect from any device. The Kerauno API creates endless opportunities to optimize your business communication processes

Kerauno in Action

When combined with Kerauno’s powerful workflow tools, everyone can feel good about increasing customer engagement and employee collaboration. But Kerauno also provides opportunities to increase revenue and decrease costs, both of which have profits to your bottom line.

Most companies have some type of billing system that sends out invoices for collection, either by e-mail or snail mail or both.

But what happens when bills are overdue?

Most likely, someone gets on the phone and calls the delinquent customers to collect. When integrated with your billing system, Kerauno can automate that call with a message telling the customer that their bill is overdue and providing options for them to pay by phone or speak to someone in billing to get their account up to date.

If you’re in a law office or any company that bills hourly for phone consultation, Kerauno can help you generate additional revenue by reducing the amount of time employees spend logging phone calls. Suppose each lawyer makes six phone calls a day and it takes two minutes to log each of those calls. That equates to one hour per week spent logging calls. Assuming a rate of two hundred dollars per hour, that could mean as much as ten thousand dollars per year for each lawyer in the firm.

By integrating Kerauno with a time tracking system, a lawyer could start the clock with the press of a button and stop it when he or she hangs up. Kerauno can even identify the client through caller I.D. and send the call info directly to the time tracking software.

For companies that utilize field service representatives, Kerauno can automate the notification process for both the service rep and the customer. Kerauno, if integrated with dispatch software, could automatically text back the location of the next job. Once confirmed, Kerauno could initiate a call with an automated message to the customer to let them know that the technician is on the way

Sports franchises can use Kerauno to leverage their most valuable assets, their star players, in order to increase ticket sales or just to better engage their fans. The team could send a text from the star quarterback to season ticket holders who have not renewed for the next season or create a voice message that goes out on game day to rev up fans coming to the game.

These are just a few examples of how Kerauno can impact business communication workflows. If you’re interested in learning how Kerauno can improve your customer and employee engagements as well as add revenue to your bottom line, contact us for a customer demonstration and workflow analysis.